Derby Choice supports small to medium size business that have been either accredited by Nimbus or are accountable to a statutory body such as CQC. Please find below a list of some of those organisations:


Inspirative Arts


Yoga Sports


Nature ability

LL Recruitment


Aspire Physio


Hudson Wealth Management Ltd

Specialist Trades Men

Right at Home

The Dove Service


One way that Derby Choice supports its provider members is through giving them an on-line presence if they currently do not have one. A micro provider may not yet have a website or their current website is under reconstruction. This comes at a small cost to the providers whilst they establish their own website.

This page features those providers, please see below:

Al Nasiha Services

Is a faith based charity providing treatments, remedies and practises that are based on traditional and authentic Islamic medicine also known as Tibb an Nabbawior Prophetic Medicine.

Tibb an Nabbawi or Prophetic Medicine is the combination of healing the heart and body with correct Yaqeen, A’maal e Salihaat, Diet, Exercise, Ruqqiya and Hijama (Cupping).

We help people to focus holistically on their mental, physical and spiritual health; empowering them to cope and deal with their everyday ailments; social, emotional and psychological problems, In’sha’Allah!

We offer:

– Treatments using traditional herbs & oils

–  Islamic counselling
–  Islamic mediation
–  Dhikr therapy
–  Meditation therapy
–  Emotional healing therapy

–  Ruqqiya (recitation of the holy Quran to eliminate negativity)
– Hijama (cupping)

– Gentle exercise
– Emotional support
– Interventions to alleviate loneliness and social isolation
– Trips & outings (Guided tours to Islamic countries and UK wide)

click here to download their leaflet

or contact Al-Nasiha directly on 

Tel: 07887692213 or 07576340520

Facebook: Al-Nasiha-Services