Welcome to Derby Choice, we want to make sure you get what you are looking out of using this service that connects people with accredited specialised providers in Derby and Derby shire. In order for us to do this we will be sending your information anonymously to the whole network of providers who will respond to Derby Choice with what they can do to specifically help you. Therefore you may want to give us relevant details to help them respond. Here are some prompt questions that you may feel would be relevant to answer:

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Interest area – are you an outdoors kind of person, do you like getting creative, what puts a smile on your face?

Who have you got to support you this can include family and or other services you currently use?

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By contacting Derby Choice with this information you are consenting for Derby Choice to let providers know that there is someone with these needs so that they can respond to Derby Choice and therefore provide you with relevant specific information that can help.

Your feedback is incredible important to us as we would like to always improve our service. We are a collective of voluntary individuals support Derby Choice as we are passionate to see people who have a need for a service be informed what there is so they can make an informed decision