Derby Choice is an independent network of accredited support providers delivering social care support and activities that promote well being to Derby citizens. 

Derby Choice is a network of independent accredited, trusted approved providers in Derby and Derbyshire.

Derby Choice aims to attract quality and committed members, by providing value and benefits to their customers, to best suit both the customers’ needs and organisation. They provide customers an easy way of accessing a range of specialised services in Derby and Derbyshire that are local, safe and great quality. This is done by the members of Derby Choice sharing best practice, attending meetings and networking opportunities so that they can collaborate and be stronger together.

The Derby Choice email is the main function for Derby Choice receiving referrals and interests from people within health and social care from professionals to the customer themselves. The website lists the providers and gives you a link to their website to find out more.

Derby Choice is not an organisation and it is not run by or connected to any organisation.
Photos by various members of the Derby Choice Network

Why use Derby Choice?

Instead of referring to database of organisations Derby Choice offers the professionals and customers a chance to share the situation of an individual that they are looking for specialised services to meet their needs and outcomes. The network respond to the shared situation with what their specialised services could provide to meet some of those outcomes – cutting out the time and effort in researching.

Each individual provider member operates independently.  To join Derby Choice, every provider must confirm that they meet the criteria as a credited support provider, that their business is fit for purpose and that they will accept the Conduct & Confidentiality Guidelines created for the successful co-operation of Derby Choice members.

No one provider can take responsibility for the activities and actions of any other provider.  However, the Derby Choice Management Committee does have the authority to remove a provider from the network if it is discovered that any part of the provider’s information or declaration isn’t true.  This is so that the integrity of Derby Choice can be maintained and you can have confidence in using Derby Choice providers.

The Derby Choice Management Committee

The Derby Choice Management Committee plan how the network will move forward and provide you with the kind of information that will be useful to you when looking for support.

Committee members adhere to agreed Terms of Reference about how the Committee should operate and that they are committed to acting in the best interests of the network.  Committee members are volunteers and each year a new Committee will be agreed at the AGM (annual general meeting).


Derby Choice was created out of a Derby City Council market development project and we would like to thank Derby City Council for investing in us, funding the development of our web site and supporting us to become an independent network.